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Sugaring is an ancient art of hair removal that was popular thousands of years ago in Egypt, Greece and Mesopotamia. The technique is described in Egyptian hieroglyphics and in writings from the Turkish Empire.


Rediscovered ancient arts often are found to be the most effective methods, and this is clearly the case with sugaring. The technique is not more commonly available because it is a true art that takes much practice to perfect – our licensed estheticians are highly trained sugarist “artists”!


The pure, 100 percent natural sugar “paste” – consisting of sugar, lemon juice, and water blended into a substance that looks and feels like honey – is more effective, more sanitary and less painful than any other hair removal process.


Sugar paste at lukewarm temperature is massaged onto the skin by a gloved hand and then molded against the natural direction of hair growth. With a flicking motion the hair is gently removed in the direction that the hair grows.


Sugaring removes hair while it is in the early growth stage – as young as 12 to 14 days – which minimizes unnecessary discomfort, irritation and ingrown hairs, all while exfoliating dry skin cells. The result is beautifully smooth skin.  For most areas we recommend about 12-14 days worth of growth.  For the legs we recommend at least 14 days worth of growth for your best results.


There is hardly an inch of the body that can’t be sugared from the eyebrows to the ankles.


After sugaring, there is care for you to do – such as exfoliating regularly – in order to keep your skin safe and smooth for the next few weeks. There also are products that can help soothe the skin and maintain its health between sugarings. We will go over all that with you in detail before you leave your appointment


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