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What is Sugaring 

A traditional ancient Egyptian method of hair removal. Sugaring is a completely organic form of hair removal combining sugar lemon and water into a affective paste that coats the hair follicles for a clean, painless and less irritating form of hair removal.

Benefits of Sugaring:  
*Sugaring is 100% organic making it safe and effective. 
*Naturally antibacterial and 100% sanitary with no chances of cross contamination. 
*Less painful than traditional waxing.
*Sugar Paste is used a body temperature leaving no chances of burning or irritating the skin. 
*Hair is removed in the natural direction of growth making for a smoother removal and no breaking of hair. 
*Skin stays smoother longer! 

How To Prep:

Hair must be at least ¼ inch long (no hair removal within 2 weeks before your treatment and no sugaring within 3 weeks before your treatment)

Hair should not be excessively long.

Skin should be clean and dry.

Avoid using any powders, sprays, or lotions prior to your sugaring treatment.

Post Care:

We recommend using a daily exfoliant 3-4 days after your treatment then daily until your next appointment. A product containing a low percentage of glycolic, lactic, or salicylic acid helps the dead skin cells sluff off helping the hair to grow back soft and smooth. End with a gentle moisturizer. 

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